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Aqua Hit
04/02/2023 31 0 74
Blox Fruits- fruit finder

Discover the Power of Devil Fruits with Our Simple Blox Fruits Script - Find Your Perfect Fruit Now!

Aqua Hit
03/02/2023 4 0 67
Combat Warriors GUI

30+ Features including, Kill Aura, Auto Parry, Anti Parry, Longer Parry, Lower Parry Cooldown, Range Weapons Mods, Bow Mods, and WalkSpeed.

Aqua Hit
02/02/2023 71 0 445
Robeats- Auto player

Unlock the Secret to Achieving Flawless Results and Never Miss a Key Point Again with Our Groundbreaking and Incredible Script

Aqua Hit
02/02/2023 11 0 103
Untitled Combat Arena Gui

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Gaming Experience with Our Revolutionary Auto GUI. Effortlessly Farm and Counter Enemies with Ease, Boost Your Efficiency and Save Time for More Fun and Excitement. Get Your Hands on the Most Amazing GUI Today and Upgrade Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level!

Aqua Hit
01/02/2023 57 0 257
Doors Roblox GUI

Get the Ultimate Gaming Advantage with Our Advanced Script That Offers an Array of Customizable Character Mods, Alerts, and Gameplay Mods. Benefit from Advanced Features Such as Player ESP, Screech ESP, Rush/Ambush ESP, Figure ESP, and Snare ESP to Give You a Competitive Edge and Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Aqua Hit
31/01/2023 82 0 500
King legacy- Auto farm

Get the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Our Script - Auto Farm Mobs, New World Devil Fruit Sniper, Grab All Fruit, Auto Raid, Safe Mode Raid, Boss Farming, No Dash Cool Down, Unlock Game Passes, Geppo Infinity and More Features Included.

Aqua Hit
31/01/2023 88 2 335
MM2-unlock all items visual

Unlock All Items with this Script for Visual Use - Perfect for Scamming, Trolling Friends, or Just for Fun

Aqua Hit
31/01/2023 7 0 82
Parkour-auto farm

Discover the Best Features of This Script: Auto Farm Points, Infinite Glider Stamina, Infinite Grappler Gear, Instant Grappler Cast, Bag Notifications, Loud Audio, No Cola Cooldown. Boost Your Gaming Experience Now!

Aqua Hit
29/01/2023 62 1 442
Tower of hell script

This script allows you to use god mode, teleport to the end, fly give all items and more, with this script you're able to farm wins in seconds.

Aqua Hit
29/01/2023 19 1 169
Race clicker auto farm

Unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with our advanced script that allows you to effortlessly auto farm both wins and Rebirths, saving you valuable time and effort while increasing your in-game success.

Aqua Hit
29/01/2023 30 0 154
Shindo life auto farm

Unlock the full potential of your Shindo Life gaming experience by utilizing our state-of-the-art Auto Farm. This powerful tool allows you to maximize your levels, teleport to different locations, automatically farm quest, bosses, ranks, and much more, all at an unprecedented speed. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming leveling, and hello to a faster and more enjoyable game with our Shindo Life Auto Farm.

Aqua Hit
29/01/2023 275 0 766
Blox fruits 20+ scripts

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Roblox Game with this Comprehensive Script that Provides Access to Over 20+ Blox Fruits Scripts for Enhanced Gameplay and Greater Flexibility in Game Development. With this Script, you can easily manage and implement multiple Blox Fruits Scripts.

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shark#6666 125,000 subs
Daily updated, only trusted creators, I can recommend this page to anyone who is interested in Roblox Exploiting.
Furky 22,000 subs
Whenever I need to make a video, but can't find an exploit/script, I always go to and get my video ideas from there. Definitely recommending this to everyone that is into Exploiting.
Immortal Donkey 10,000 subs
Most sites mention how they're "the best source for exploits and scripts", but that's completely false. This website definitely takes the cake for "best and most trusted source for exploits and scripts".
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