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GOLDEN cheats

GOLDEN cheats
19/08/2022 7K+ 6K+
Ragdoll Engine GUI

This Script is for the new ragdoll engine game after the old one got deleted a while ago!
This is the only script apart from cyptonic hub that supports this game and features way better features!

Fling Script also added (:

GOLDEN cheats
19/07/2021 1K+ 6K+

PipeLocator Is a tool that can find Pipes.
This is Useful for exploits that has a Custom DLL Injection , Witch requires the pipe name of the dll.
Open PipeLocator , and press "Log Newly created" then inject the dll to find the pipe's name.

GOLDEN cheats
24/02/2021 234 5K+
Screenshot Detection Bypass

Put this script in your auto execute folder to prevent screenshots being sent when reporting someone.

GOLDEN cheats
24/02/2021 2K+ 6K+
Ragdoll Engine | Bruh Hub

Very Over Powered Ragdoll Engine Script Features Stuff Like Headless Everyone , Trigger Mines , Free Fling Push, No Ragdoll , Kill Server And more!

GOLDEN cheats
09/02/2021 17K+ 41K+

Show Impostor , End Vote Unlock Skins and Hats , Select Impostor , Vistual task Animation
and more !

To toggle Interanl menu press home , to toggle controller press insert.

GOLDEN cheats
05/02/2021 13K+ 11K+
Dark Hub V2

For Supported Games >>
This Hub currently have 2 games , Its very op in strucid , Features Wall bang silent aim bypass anti cheat and more!

GOLDEN cheats
27/01/2021 3K+ 7K+
Puppets1.02 - Among us Bots

Introducing bots to the among us community! You can use this software/tool to add bots in any among us lobby.

GOLDEN cheats
10/01/2021 12K+ 9K+
Sona Bytecode | Internal

Sona is a Byte Code conversion Exploit that is Fully Internal.
It Has stuff like Save Instance , Custom Stream Sniper, Remote Spy , Dark dex ,Owl hub , Fathom Hub And More!
Join in a roblox game and Press Inject.exe , and after its injected press Insert to open and close the exploit. If it tells you to update , open Updater.exe
If You want the Function List of sona then go to this link :

GOLDEN cheats
09/01/2021 33K+ 143K+
Jailbreak Auto Rob

Very Good auto rob script to use for jailbreak and earn money
note: there is some small bugs so be aware

GOLDEN cheats
05/01/2021 3K+ 6K+
Ninja Legends 2 - CatixHub

Great Hub , Has good features in Ninja Legends 2
Auto Swing , Auto Sell , Auto Collect Coins/Shards/rings , Auto Boss, Auto KOTH , Auto Good / Bad Karma ,Infinite Jumps and more!
All Supported Games :!GAME%20LINK

GOLDEN cheats
29/12/2020 30K+ 125K+
MadCity | OP AutoFarm

A really good AutoFarm script for MadCity that can get you a ton of money fast , it also server hops.

GOLDEN cheats
28/12/2020 2K+ 7K+
XXHUB | Reanimate + More

Features reanimate with cool animations, bunch of scripts , great ui , usefull dev tools and more!
You can Join there discord if you want too:

GOLDEN cheats
28/12/2020 3K+ 6K+
Ez Hub

This is a very good script, you can search for scripts on this hub , and even save youre own scripts on it! This also has admin witch is in beta.
Also has a graphics editor.

GOLDEN cheats
16/12/2020 2K+ 6K+
Tower of Misery GUI

Very Nice script for Tower of Misery
Instant Win , God mode , Infinite Jump , Remove Kill Parts + (Usefull Options)

GOLDEN cheats
13/12/2020 1K+ 6K+
bjkefe hub

Great hub , has some games , Very op for school tycoon and some others
Adopt me
Lift Legends Simulator
Vehicle Tycoon
School Tycoon
Loot BattleGround

GOLDEN cheats
12/12/2020 2K+ 6K+
CheatBlox Remote spy

Has alot of features! Can Decompile a remote , Vil finder and more! Copy Remotes Easly! Dowload Now !

GOLDEN cheats
09/12/2020 1K+ 6K+
Giant Survival Auto Kill + Give guns and money!

First Script is for autofarming! Execute The script and it will auto kill the Giant!
Second Script Is a GUI that can give Guns and give money!

GOLDEN cheats
09/12/2020 679 6K+
Clicker Madness GUI

One of the best Script for Clicker Madness!
Feature List:
Auto Click
Auto Beast Mode
Auto Hill
Tp all pickups
Auto boss
Hide popups
All Normal & Super Upgrades
Auto Eggs
Auto Rebirths
Auto Super Rebirths
Capture All Flags
All Island Teleports

GOLDEN cheats
09/12/2020 3K+ 6K+
Among.Us.v2020.12.5s+ Unlocked

Free Among us Dowload + all the skins Pets and hats are unlocked as well
Click on Among.Us.v2020.12.5s > Among.Us.v2020.12.5s Among Us.exe